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Luckywind Purposeful Design Philosophy

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Our Purposeful Design Philosophy

We live in a world dominated by change,fast growth and hard unforgiving environments.What we crave is warmth and authenticity.

At Luckywind Handicrafts we see the harm that has been done to our planet when humans try to keep up with the demands of our times.  That is why it is our mission look to our past as well as our future when creating home furnishings products. 

We use repurposed, recycled and reclaimed materials for 70% of our products so that our over used natural resources have a better chance to rest and renew themselves.

The relaxing, genuine character of our repurposed materials allow our customers to enjoy authentic, inspiring home furnishings. 

We all win. Our company, our customers and our planet.



Email: sales@luckywindco.com
Telephone: 0086-591-83840815
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